I'm A Soft Woman - Fille Assures Mc Kats

Posted: 2019-04-23T07:53:20Z Read: 5,221 times
I'm A Soft Woman - Fille Assures Mc Kats

Celebrated city Mc Katamba Edwin alias Mc Kats and his baby mama, Fille Mutoni bitterly broke up a few months ago and have since then, they have been poking  each other.

Mc Kats has always claimed that he loves Fille more than any other woman in this world and because of this, Fille might forgive him.

In a post on one of her social media platforms, Fille tells Mc Kats that she is a brutally soft woman that he needs to take care of with utmost care.

We hope Mc Kats has learned his lessons and will crawl back to the warm chest of Fille.

We shall keep you posted.