Socialite Alicia Feasts On Fellow Women

Posted: 2019-04-09T11:36:29Z
Socialite Alicia Feasts On Fellow Women

The number of city young girls enrolling into corporate prostitution increases day by day. Some of them have adopted inhuman vices like being gay, lesbian and transgender all in the name of getting free money to facilitate their fancy lifestyle.

Boss Chic Alicia, the Queen of Kampala nightlife shocked her fans and followers when she confessed her undying love for a fellow woman only known as Manikita Shab.

The struggling model and video vixen posted a video while intimately kissing her partner and captioned it, “They can talk and talk we love ourselves. Boo Manikita Shab love you".

However, she was quick to delete the video after it caused an uproar on social media.

This came after so many questions were raised about her sexuality because of how she behaves around her clique of girls especially during the night parties  she hosts in different night clubs around Kampala