Annatalia Oze , Zahara Toto Put Uncut Show in Jeopardy

Posted: 2019-03-25T06:12:52Z
Annatalia Oze , Zahara Toto Put Uncut Show in Jeopardy

All is not well between Uncut presenters on NBS TV.  Annatalia Ozze and Zahara Toto have not been seeing eye to  eye for  months now.

The two had a bad day at the office recently when Zahara refused to do a certain story, and that dismayed their viewers. Many have observed that their connection has plummeted. Their presentation is becoming lacklustre.

According to a source, the two have had issues with each other for a long time but they have managed to work together regardless. Things are however taking an ugly path, as their bad blood is now showing while hosting their gossip show.

We checked through Zahara Toto’s Instagram and discovered that she hardly posts pictures with Anna taken from the show, Uncut.

She however posts pictures with her co-presenter, Aloyo, with whom she presents, a show on Next Radio.

It is the same with Anna. She doesn’t post anything about Zahara.