Sheebah Chickens Out, the Battle With Cindy is Off

Posted: 2019-03-16T07:39:33Z
Sheebah Chickens Out, the Battle With Cindy is Off

The long awaited battle between self proclaimed the king herself and Swagg Mama is not happening anytime  soon as we had anticipated.

Sheebah has been playing hide and seek with Cindy's management  that  has been  trying to organize  the event.

The latest  is that Sheebah has finally  chickened on the whole  idea.

Through instagram, she posted, "Sending Some Love To You Sis

I Still Respect You & Your Hustle Even If You Can't Return The Same Favour.

We Are All SHINNING Sis And We Are All Talented In Our Own God Given Ways.

What's Yours Is Yours & What's Mine Is Mine.

Let's Start By Accepting That Then Leave The Rest To God Who Blessed Us With Our UNIQUE Talents🙏

Cheers To Life🥂 Keep Doing You. I Will Do Me Too.


Let's Keep QUEENING & KINGING👑🥂👑”.

This came after Cindy openly declared that Sheebah is her junior when it comes to stage performances and she needs more time to perfect her act.

However, Cindy is still silent about Sheebah’s decision.