Andrew Mwenda, Sylvia Owori Label Bobi Wine As an IDIOT Over Lack Of Political Knowledge

Posted: 2019-03-11T05:36:13Z
Andrew Mwenda, Sylvia Owori Label Bobi Wine As an IDIOT Over Lack Of Political Knowledge

Musician turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine  is currently the biggest opposition figure in the country.

On Thursday night,  the Kyadondo East legislator was hosted on NTV  for a  political talk show - on the Spot hosted by Patrick Kamara where he failed to explain what fiscal tools he would use to curb inflation in the country.

Bobi Wine  came under fire from Ugandans on social media who say he is not well informed about Uganda's economy.

 Seasoned political analyst Andrew Mwenda and fashionista Sylvia Owori couldn't stop making fun of Bobi Wine. They both posted on their timelines trolling the musician turned politician.

 “Meritocracy forms the cornerstone of DEMOCRACY as in those with the adequate merits gain the confidence of the PEOPLE.

I don’t know much confidence Ugandans are having right now about Kyagulanyinomics and it’s financial tools to check inflation 😂

But this video is very saddening; this man sits in our parliament  and forces our young people to believe that he's got what it takes to stir our economy to rosy places in no time but yet it appears that he is aloof from the basic economic policies.

Banange, tusomese abaana( loosely translated please take your kids to school)in order to give them skills/knowledge and ability to afford them access to the arenas that serve as springboards to progress in their life and for the rest of the country.

Otherwise, we will effectively become a nation of idiots.

Courtesy Video," Sylvia Awori posted.

 Andrew Mwenda posted, “This is the real tragedy of African elites. They continually complain that the problem of Africa is bad leaders. Yet when given a chance to select leaders they choose ignorant and idiotic characters! Look at this and tell me that @HEBobiwine represents the future we want!”

This is not the first time Bobi Wine’s political knowledge has come under question. He has on several occasions been questioned on whether he has matured as a political leader."