Ben Dollar Denies Sexually Exploiting His Models

Posted: 2014-09-09T00:43:59Z Read: 3,211 times

Ben Dollar has finally broken silence about claims that his modelling agency had turned into nothing but a whore house. According to tabloids, Ben is said to be sexually exploiting his models at his 'Dollar Modelling Agency' involving them into prostitution of the sort.

He however denies the allegations calling attention to tabloid false new stories intending to ruin his agency... and here is all he had to point out.

"Yes i own Dollar Modeling Agency full of many beautiful girls and handsome boys as well but these tabloids running false stories about me are totally telling lies. If there is any girl that can come out and claim i sold her for Shs 1m for sex let her come out and declare it." -- Ben Dollar said.

"I strictly do clean business with my girls for example promotions, activations, fashion shows, adverts. Yes i get many men who keep disturbing me to introduce them to my girls and some have even befriended me because of that, some are wealthy men in Kampala and outside countries, which at times i do when i see no harm in that so people end up getting it twisted that i have now sold that girl." - He added!

And to claims that Ben is having his girls sleep with city men for millions of shillings, he added...

"What i do is not called selling girls or being a PIMP. Am being more like any other normal human being who loves seeing people socialise and making friends, why are papers, radios and TVs all making it a big deal talking ill about me selling my girls for a million shillings for sex..Yes if i did, who doesn’t love money and sex!!!!??"

Dollar Modelling Agence Models' Photos


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