A Pass Threatens To Bonk Irene Ntale Into Coma

Posted: 2019-02-15T09:26:44Z
A Pass Threatens To Bonk Irene Ntale Into Coma

A Pass is one of the best musicians in Uganda but his horn is outstanding too. It is probably the deadliest in Uganda.

The singer has over the years vowed to bonk sexy ladies like Flavia and Fabiola, but miserably failed.

The latest victim to fall in his traps is fellow singer Irene Ntale.

Through his twitter handle, A Pass vowed to view Irene Ntale's beans in 3D. He assured her that his 4 inch whopper would turn her lame for 2 weeks.

"Irene Ntale don't play with me because if you try me, you will not be able to walk for the two next weeks," A Pass posted in response to Irene Ntale's provoking tweet that read, 'Gwe Apass nkusobola' loosely translated as A Pass, I can handle you.

Well, it is a matter of time. We hope A Pass can hit the jackpot this time.