Socialite Judith Heard Launches Organisation To Help Rape Victims

Posted: 2019-02-11T09:04:19Z Read: 2,198 times
Socialite Judith Heard Launches Organisation To Help Rape Victims

Judith Heard is one of Uganda's biggest socialites and over the years, she has dominated news headlines.

She recently disclosed that she was sexually assaulted by her uncle and security officers at the age of 15 and 17 respectively.

She has now launched an organisation called 'Day One Global' to help rehabilitate young girls that have been sexually  abused. The organisation aims at offering a safe space to rape and sexual assault victims to share their story.

Judith Heard announced  the news on her social media platforms where she posted, "Today I stand with you. Today I present to you a new beginning, a place to hold that conversation. Am your day one. I was defiled by my uncle at the age of 15, on the night before my final school exams and later on, at 17 raped by two army officers at gun point. As a young girl growing with big ambitions and bigger dreams , I was tormented by nightmares of what had happened to me in my earlier years.

Fortunately, I had a loving and caring grandmother who I felt I could share this deepest and darkest secret with. Little by little i became self-aware of the things that i would do if only I was more confident and if I recognized my worth. All I needed from day one was a safe space where I felt I could share my story. My now deceased Grandmother took the time to listen to me and she told me that everything would be okay.

If we have more people willing to listen and believe, that would make life much easier for everyone. We (My team) have come up with an organization @dayonegl that seeks to end rape and sexual assault, aiming to create awareness and provide rehabilitation to survivors.

We believe in a culture of honesty and therefore employ an open door where people can freely communicate with each other. I stand to be the change for everyone challenged and subjected by any form of sexual assault, Join us today to save tomorrow’s super heroes".