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Capt Mike Mukula Used ViagraTo Satisfy Me — Bad Black

Posted: 2018-12-31T07:38:10Z Read: 31,678 times
Capt Mike Mukula Used ViagraTo Satisfy Me —  Bad Black

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black dominated social media this week after releasing a hilarious video that went viral because of her disappointing pronounciation of the words, 'Wardrobe' and 'Sitting room' sparking off the #BadBlackChallenge that has also taken the internet by storm.

It looks like the 'Mudguard' singer wants to take centre stage until the year comes to an end.

In her bid to remain on top of the news, Bad Black listed several men that have surfed her honeypot.

Among the men who allegedly slept with Bad Black  is prominent politician Capt. Mike Makula. She claims he uses Viagra in order to last longer in bed. He has no work without sex boosters.

Other men include; Meddie Ssentongo, Maysean, Shy Paddy, tycoon David Greenhalgh.

Take a look at the photos of men who have explored Bad Black certified honey pot.