Jackie Chandiru Ready For A Major Comeback

Posted: 2018-12-11T09:18:45Z Read: 3,196 times
Jackie Chandiru Ready For A Major Comeback

Former Blue 3 singer Jackie Chandiru is back on the social scene following last week's appearance at Pastor Robert Kayanja's church in Rubaga where she gave her life to Jesus Christ .

On Sunday, she graced  NBS TV end of year staff party that was held in Munyonyo.  The singer was one of the invited entertainers.

She looked healthy and in shape after taking time off from the music industry.

It was reported in 2016 that the singer was  battling for her life after drug overdose at her home in Bukasa.

She was admitted at Mulago Hospital where laboratory tests confirmed that she was  administering drugs through intra-venous (injection) route. Samples of the drugs and syringes were discovered at her home and several needle marks along her arms and hands confirmed the findings of the medics. She was then admitted to Bunamwaya rehab, and   was discharged in 2017 .