Naira Ali Finally Ready To Get Married

Posted: 2018-10-04T08:07:26Z
Naira Ali Finally Ready To Get Married

Singer Naira Ali's latest song release, "Sikyalinda" could be a story of her own life. In the song, she says she has found the man of her life.

Word we have gathered is that Naira is planning to get married to her long time lover. She has been dating and living with this man whose identity she keeps a top secret.

Preparations for the marriage, according to a reports are in high gear. She started cohabiting with this man when her father kicked her from his house for singing a gospel song bent to christianity. Her father is a devoted moslem.

They had a conflict and they did not meet for some time. Naira however apologized and has since restored her relationship with daddy, who will bless her marriage.