Exclusive: Gareth Onyango linked to Another secret Child

Posted: 2018-09-28T09:29:49Z
Exclusive: Gareth Onyango linked to Another secret Child

Socialite Gareth Onyango is known for one thing; women. He loves them, and they love him as much.

Not long ago, he split with his long time girlfriend, Nickita Bachu. She had taken on the title of wife because they had lasted long however their relationship fell apart, apparently Gareth cannot close his zip.

And this has led him to be linked with a catalogue of kids. The latest on the list is a child, allegedly mothered by a one, Diana Kanty.

Kanty and Gareth have been secretly seeing each other for sometime now, according to sources.

A source claims this is one of the reasons Nickita packed her bags and left the home they shared with their child, Kyle Onyango. She had always been incensed by Gareth's closeness to his other baby mama, Natasha, who lives in South Africa.

For 7 years, Gareth had actually cut all connections with Natasha until the she took to social media to accuse him of shirking his fatherly responsibilities.

They later reunited for the sake of their daughter, Leona.

What we can't tell is whether he is caring for his kid with Kanty but we will keep you posted.