Former Goodlife Manager Chagga In Jail Again

Posted: 2018-09-26T08:13:32Z
Former Goodlife Manager Chagga In Jail Again

Since the death of singer Mowzey Radio in February this year, life has never been the same for  Kyagambiddwa Geoffrey alias Chagga, who had managed Goodlyfe for years.

Latest on Howwe desk indicates that Chagga has been arrested  again after failing to clear the money that he took from a promoter in Luwero.

A Luwero based promoter, Paul Kaliba entered into agreement  with the Goodlife singers, the  late Mowzey Radio and Weasel to perform on Christmas of 2017, and they failed to fulfill their part after being paid 3m out of agreed 5.5m.

A close source told Howwe that the debt has accumulated to Ugx 18m.

Meanwhile Weasel is on the run, fearing to spend countless months behind bars.

Few months ago, fellow musicians had started a save  Chagga campaign aimed at helping him pay the debt so that he can enjoy his freedom but it seems they never fulfilled they pledges.