Sunday Column: No Daniella, No Concerts For Chameleone ... Flavia Tumusiime's Pregnancy And Other Things To Mention

Posted: 2018-09-23T10:20:41Z
Sunday Column:  No Daniella, No Concerts For Chameleone ... Flavia Tumusiime's Pregnancy And Other Things To Mention

Hey, welcome to this week’s roundup of all the hot gossip swirling around town

No Daniella, No Concerts For Chameleone

Last year, it was Daniella Atim who filed to divorce her husband, Jose Chameleone. When they made up, they ensured they visited every radio and TV station to announce the reunion. This was towards, Chameleone's concert, Hit after Hit. The concert attracted big crowds, yet the singer did not have a big hit. What he had was Daniella and her divorce papers. That he attracted crowds, Chameleone could have been lulled to think that he needs not to produce hits to attract fans to his shows; break up with Daniella, and you'll get people thronging your shows. That's exactly what he did in the run-up towards his concert this year. Chameleone announced that he had split with his wife, only to announce a few minutes later that they had gotten back together.

In a post where he revealed that he is still with Daniella, he also announced a concert date. He has since taken down the post, and the concert too, for there is no other post mentioning that the concert will happen.

It now looks like Chameleone cannot have a concert without breaking up with the mother of his five children. That means for as long as he sings, he will always beat her into filing for divorce. Then apologize later. Poor Daniella!

Fik Fameika, Gashumba fit

Sheila Gashumba dodged to interview, Fik Fameika's rival, Gravity on NTV the Beat on Friday. Sheila travelled with Fameika to Turkey. Sheila recorded a video dancing to Fameika's new song, Tonsukuma. Sheila posted a picture on Instagram wearing, Fameika's T-shirt.

Sheila is obsessed with Fameika. But she is still in denial. She is probably doubtful whether her father, Frank Gashumba, will approve of the relationship. Frank has overblown imaginations of what his son-in-law should be. He wants a rich man with a big reputation, but Sheila is instead attracted to a celebrity of disco. A guy who is probably the first person to earn a million in his family.

Fameika, on the other hand, is also trying to prove that he has big money in the bank. This week, he was at comedy store making it rain.

There is video evidence, and Fameika hopes Frank sees it.

Juliana, Flavia many times pregnant, no baby

It's a season of coldness and looks like celebrities are making the most of it in the bedsheets.

A number of celebs have been reported pregnant, among them, Juliana Kanyomozi, Flavia Tumusiime and others not so big to mention.

The ones we've not mentioned will have babies, while the two we mentioned will most likely not deliver soon. Every year, Juliana and Flavia are rumoured pregnant. For Juliana, she gets pregnant without having a man. She has not been in any known relationship for some time.

Flavia has a man, Andrew Kabura but she has been getting pregnant even without known men in her life. Her pregnancy is therefore not easy to take in as truth.