My Bums Are Not Fake - Capital FM's Lucky Mbabazi

Posted: 2018-09-22T09:06:12Z
My Bums Are Not Fake - Capital FM's Lucky Mbabazi

Lately, Lucky Mbabazi has taken social media by storm because of her juicy and curvy bottom that have given men restless day and nights despite claims by a section that the bums are fake.

Lucky Mbabazi yesterday came out to trash these FAKE BOOTY claims by the people she has termed as "big time haters".


While doing a Facebook live stream yesterday, The Big Breakfast presenter claimed she has never ever visited 'FACCO' a popular bum enlarging clinic in Kampala or ever wearing fake bums that have flooded the market.


"Those who studied with me, know exactly how my booty looked like while in school. I have seen people say I wear fake bum. That is absolutely wrong. I am a mother. I respect who I am. I am proud of who I am. I can't go this low. My secret is managing my diet and working out". Lucky Mbabazi lamented


Lucky Mbabazi is one of the female pioneers of radio in Uganda. It is said she is in her early 40's despite looking like a 20 year old campus student.