Exclusive: Mary Luswata Returning on TV

Posted: 2018-09-14T06:51:37Z Read: 3,671 times
Exclusive: Mary Luswata Returning on TV

Three years ago, Mary Luswata quit Urban TV where she was hosting scoop on scoop show. The motor-mouthed presenter had been slitting celebrities verbally and she earned herself many enemies within the celebrity circles.

For the viewers, it was an exciting entertainment show that they looked forward to after a stressful day.

When she left the show, it was a relief to most celebrities, but her fans were heartbroken.

Latest news is that she is bouncing back on Urban TV.

Sources informed us that she is likely to moderate Salon Talk which was formerly hosted by Judithiana.

Judithiana threw in the towel few weeks ago apparently because of low pay.

Luswata has been living a private life since she left Urban TV. She is a mother of two and currently, she works with Galaxy FM in Kansanga.