Eddy Kenzo's, Pia Pounds, Survives Jail

Posted: 2018-08-09T09:22:44Z Read: 5,696 times
Eddy Kenzo's, Pia Pounds, Survives Jail

Early this year, the police and UPDF banned celebrities and the general public from putting on camouflage outfits.

However, some celebrities and socialites have defied the orders, and continue to wear the prohibited attire.

Eddy Kenzo's singer, Pia Pounds was intercepted by the police while on her way to industrial area based Urban Television.

She was rushing to appear on Campus1O1 show hosted by Casimir.

After interrogations, she was allowed to go ahead for the interview after making numerous calls. She was warned and promised to be put behind bars if she is caught on the wrong side of the law again.

A few months ago, singer Evelyn Lagu was arrested for donning camouflage outfits