Amama Mbabazi To Give Away  daughter Today

Posted: 2018-08-04T08:25:56Z
Amama Mbabazi To Give Away  daughter Today

The former Prime minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabazi will give away his daughter, Bridget Rwakairu in a colourful ceremony today.  She was swept off her feet by Andile Ramaphosa, son to Cyril Ramaphosa the President of South Africa. Andile and his family were in Uganda a few months back to ask for Bridget's hand in marriage, basically to discuss the terms of the union.

At the occasion, Mbabazi said this relationship is not about the wealth as he turned down most of the offers from the Ramaphosas.

 It is rumoured that the President of South Africa will be jetting in for the occasion.

How They Met

Bridget and Andile met in Beijing, China. They crossed paths at a social function, and according to one interview, Andile says he liked Bridget the moment he set his eyes on her.

"I was new in China so I needed someone to show me around. She accepted," he narrated.

She didn't just show him around Beijing, she opened her heart to him.