More details about DSTV Sex Scandal Emerge

Posted: 2018-08-03T07:39:14Z
More details about DSTV Sex Scandal Emerge

Multi-choice Uganda found itself dragged to the wrong side of the press after it emerged that two of its top employees, Charles Hamya (MD) and Phoebe Nakabazzi (Head Marketing) were reported to be on a bonking spree.

It is alleged that they have been dating secretly since 2011.

Hamya is married to Crucid Matovu, who exposed her husband's cheating saying she had grown tired fighting the affair.

The latest is that Hamya has asked for some time away from work to deal with his marital woes.

We can only wonder whether one month leave from his duties will be enough for him to sort out his marriage that he has been breaking himself for the last six years.