Rema's Friend, Trey Songz Gets Engaged

Posted: 2018-07-09T07:44:58Z Read: 14,393 times
Rema's Friend, Trey Songz Gets Engaged

Rema's 'friend' who also dubs as an American R&B Singer, Trey Songz is no longer a single man.

According to reports, Trey and his longtime GF - a beauty named Simer - are now engaged. The two have been dating off and on for about a year.

It is also said, the are VERY serious. In fact, Trey took her out with him to Kevin Hart's Las Vegas birthday party this past weekend. 

We know what you're wondering - what does she look like. Is she more beautiful than Rema?  Well here are pics of her ... be the JUDGE

It should be noted Trey Songz became CLOSE FRIENDS while the pair participated in Coke Studio Africa. If you think we are kidding, see below: 

Rema and Trey

Rema and Trey Songz hugging