Herbert And Dorothy Shonga Fall In Love Again

Posted: 2018-07-08T07:54:07Z
Herbert And Dorothy Shonga Fall In Love Again

The Shongas broke up about a year ago when Herbert Shonga hired and cheated on Dorothy with a one Sheilat as their business, Space Lounge PR.

Now news reaching the howwe desk indicates that the two have finally put their differences aside and decided to reunite as husband and wife.

Our snoops have learnt that Herbert swallowed his pride and apologised to the wife for the wrong he had done and everything he had made her go through.

Also, Herbert reportedly flew to Zimbabwe and gifted the mother of her kids with expensive gifts that she did not hesitate to show to her fans on social media.

The news of the love rekindle was broken through a post on one of Dorothy Shonga social media platforms where she was bragging and showing off what Herbert had gifted her with.

Herbert and Dorothy are currently in Zimbabwe having a good time with their children as a family

This brings an end to Herbert and Sheilat's relationship which had sent Dorothy packing.

We shall keep you posted