Qute Kaye Abandons Pregnant Wife

Posted: 2018-06-12T11:58:23Z Read: 4,641 times
Qute Kaye Abandons Pregnant Wife

When singer Qute Kaye was caught stealing car headlights, the incident exposed the shadows of poverty he was living in. This attracted sympathizers, among them, Sure Deal boss commonly known as Mama Lususu, who offered to pay his rent and his other bills for six months. She also promised to extend her helping hand to Qute Kaye’s pregnant girlfriend, Pretty Glow, a faded musician.

 Paddy Man of Audio One studio also offered Qute Kaye free recording sessions at his studio.

He has slowly been forgetting his worries and was recently pictured with Sure  Deal boss, sporting a trendy checkered long sleeved shirt, and blue jeans.

Sources say he has abandoned his girlfriend in Lungujja. He has not been seen at his home for a few weeks now.

We, however, can't confirm if the two are communicating.