Dorothy Shonga back to square one

Posted: 2018-05-10T07:55:46Z
 Dorothy Shonga back to square one

The Shonga Empire which was comprised of a string of businesses, most notably, Space Lounge club and Shonga advertising agency, all crumbled when its owners, Dorothy Shonga and Herbert Shonga developed cracks in their marriage subsequently breaking up. Herbert went to S.A and whereas Dorothy returned to her home country Zambia.

Herbert is dating glamour Sheila Mulungi, who is accused of breaking up their marriage. She was the  Public relations officer for Lounge before she started an affair with the boss.

There was a conflict between the two claiming ownership of the business details of how that ended are sketchy, but what we can reveal, Dorothy is building his new businesses from the ground. The mother of three showed off offices of her new advertising agency in Zambia being furnished.

Her new company is called, DC branding.

It is unknown what Herbert is up to wherever he is.