Gashumba Mad With Ffefe Busi

Posted: 2018-05-01T09:02:04Z Read: 7,419 times
Gashumba Mad With Ffefe Busi

Frank Gashumba is not pleased with rapper Ffefe Busi for mentioning his daughter’s name in his track, "Who is Who". Gashumba has reportedly ordered Ffefe Busi to re-do the song and omit Sheila’s name. He says it is demeaning to name her in such songs.

He is allegedly paying for studio time for the rapper to produce a new song without her name.

Sheila is friends with singer Fik Fameika, who  was belittled by Ffefe Busi in this song.

Is Gashumba trying to protect Sheila's relationship with Femeica? We will keep you posted.