Leila Kayondo Allegedly On Drugs Usage Spree, Fails To Sing Her Song Live On TV

Posted: 2018-04-23T06:06:05Z
Leila Kayondo Allegedly On Drugs Usage Spree, Fails To Sing Her Song Live On TV

Struggling singer, Leila Kayondo is signed to a Nigerian Record Label, Striker Entertainment which is rumoured to have connections to the people selling cocaine in Uganda.

Now news reaching our desk indicates that the singer could have fallen victim of the drugs that have seen the likes of presenter Dave Dash and stylist Zziwa end up in rehab in the recent past.

While appearing on NBS during Katch Up show hosted by Douglas Lwanga, Mc Isaac and Anitah Fabiola, Leila failed to hold a five-minute interview with  Fabiola as she was seen doing nasty things live TV.

Leila Kayondo,  who was supposed to perform for her fans could hardly lift her tongue to speak something that forced her to chew her own lyrics as she staggered all over the stage while dancing in a crazy way.

She failed to sing her brand new song titled "Musaayi" which she was premiering on the show. At first, it sounded like the microphone was faulty but even when it was fixed,  there was literally nothing coming out. This sent the crowd into loud booing.

It was getting too much for her until Fabiola rescued her from the stage before climaxing her performance to save her from further embarrassment.

Moles at NBS say she was so high on alcohol and drugs that she was seen tripping over and over as her friends tried to help her get into the car.

Drugs use and addiction has been on a rise among Ugandan artistes.

Many have destroyed their careers and they are seriously grassing.

Howwe tried to reach Leila's camp but all our efforts were futile.