Bedridden Mowzey Radio Called To Court 

Posted: 2018-01-26T06:49:25Z
Bedridden Mowzey Radio Called To Court 

Goodlyfe singers, Radio and Weasel are still battling a defamation case that was filled by their former manager, Jeff Kiwanuka in 2016 at grade one court, Makindye.He accuses the duo of character assassination following a video they posted on  Facebook on June, 3rd 2016. In the video,  they claimed that Jeff practices witchcraft and often sacrifices people to his ancestors for blessings.

Since then, Radio and Weasel have made several appearances at court. 

Currently, Radio is in a coma at Buganda road based Case Clinic. He was involved in a bar scuffle which left him in a sorry state on Monday.

Despite his medical situation,  the duo was summoned to court on Wednesday but were represented by their managers, Chagga and Emma Carlos.

Speaking to Emma Carlos, he informed us that they pleaded for more time with Kiwanuka’s lawyers and will be expected to return to court on the
26th of February.

We shall keep you updated ..