Bebe Cool is a legend of fools - Mowzey Radio

Posted: 2018-01-16T07:20:51Z
Bebe Cool is a legend of fools - Mowzey Radio

The dynamic duo, Radio and Weasel are not yet done with their fellow singer, Bebe Cool.

Appearing at Club Amnesia on Thursday, Radio took a break during the performance to spit venom at nemesis Bebe Cool. "Only the greats send respect to legendary greats and the fools send their respect to all the legendary fools," said Radio sending the audience into wild cheer.

He also added that Bebe Cool is a fool who has continuously lost every battle against the duo. This comes after Weasel asked Bebe Cool to quit music and join his wife, Zuena to bake cakes.

The Goodlyfe crew was unveiling their two music videos "done" and "remember me" at the Club.

It should be remembered that all this drama started on Tuesday 2nd of this month when Gagamel boss unleashed his list of 2017 entertainers that didn’t include the duo.