Exclusive : GNL Zamba And Big Trill Fight Over A Woman

Posted: 2014-08-10T09:03:51Z

Baboon forest bosses GNL Zamba and Big Trill are involved in a fight over a woman. GNL who is the Executive Director of Baboon Forest has accused his CEO Big Trill of getting involved in a relationship with his white girlfriend Tamara.

According to a local tablod, the beef started when GNL snatched Big Trill’s girl back then. The girl called Ruth Gilian was with Zamba for sometime before they broke up. GNL then hooked up with Tamara who has been funding some of his music ventures. Big Trill was not happy with his boss for taking his girlfriend, he vowed to payback in the same currency.

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Trill got into a secret relationship with Tamara who until recently was GNL’s white girlfriend. Zamba then initiated a fight with the XFM radio presenter and Rapper who is known for his song Jabber shake. It is said that the in fighting couldn’t be tolerated by rapper Mun G who was also in the same group. He decided to quit and start his own music label called Kunta Kinte.

Reports indicate that Zamba is now a devastated man especially after his relationship with Tamara failed because she liked Trill more than him. To make matters worse, Tamara’s parents didn’t approve of her relationship with the Baboon forest boss.

”Tamara Maria’s family didnt support the idea of having their daughter with Zamba. She actually left him recently and went back to USA,”  -- said a source.

Trill is said to still be in touch with Tamara even after she left Uganda. We shall not be surprised if she returns to settle down with him and not Zamba.

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