Dorothy, Herbert Shonga’s Marriage on Verge of Collapse!

Posted: 2017-12-07T06:31:28Z
Dorothy, Herbert Shonga’s Marriage on Verge of Collapse!

City socialite, Dorothy Shonga may be a SINGLE LADY again after having a bitter fight with her hubby, Herbert Shonga over a side dish.

Herbert and Dorothy have been jointly managing Space Lounge bar, Kampala and according to the rant, Dorothy has been the chief financier.

Trouble started when Herbert hired sexy Sheila as the PR of the club. Dorothy alleges that Hebert, who couldn’t keep his big cassava in his pants, started feasting on Sheila. When Dorothy learned about the affair, she fired Sheila and confronted the husband.

It should be noted that a month ago, a photo of Herbert kissing his estranged wife’s booty leaked on social media. Most people were quick to speculate that he was under the spell. Now you know why he doesn’t pay bills. The wife is the boss and he is ordered like a houseboy.

Sources say Dorothy has fled to Malawi while Herbert is in South Africa to cool off.

We will keep you posted!