Broke Leila Kayondo Is Selling Off Mbuga’s Gift Car

Posted: 2017-11-21T14:16:18Z
Broke Leila Kayondo Is Selling Off Mbuga’s Gift Car

A few years ago, faded singer Leila Kayondo was living a luxurious lifestyle thanks to self-styled tycoon SK Mbuga.

Their relationship collapsed due to counter accusations of infidelity and lies. SK Mbuga called it quits and since then, Leila’s life has been falling apart. He was the sole financier of high maintenance life.

Currently, Leila is selling the BMW car that SK Mbuga gave her while they were still dating. Broke Leila is trying to make ends meet. However, it is said that SK Mbuga still possesses the documents for the car.

Leila who has been making endless trips to Dubai, South Africa, and Los Angeles is heavily indebted. Her boutique is not bringing in money and the landlord also demands rent arrears. To settle all these debts, Leila has decided to sale off the BMW.

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