I Haven't Given Birth Yet — Zuena Denies Rumours

Posted: 2017-11-07T07:34:24Z
I Haven't Given Birth Yet —  Zuena Denies Rumours

On Saturday evening, a section of Bebe Cool's fans and haters went on social media and reported how his wife had given birth to a baby boy. It was alleged that Zuena had given birth in top city hospital. Neither Bebe Cool nor Zuena came out to refute the allegation until Sunday evening when Zuena cleared the air. She confirmed that she is still pregnant.

Using her social media pages, she posted; “Yesterday was a hectic day for me and my team Zuena Events and Cake, I was running around like a headless chicken all in the name of managing 2 Events

You can imagine a heavily pregnant woman managing 2 events & they all had to begin at the same time 3pm…Wedding & Baby shower. My husband, daughter & sister stopped everything they were doing and joined in. Thankfully the day was a success” she posted on Facebook and said.”

She added; “So I finally get time to sit down and check my phone, to my surprise my WhatsApp is flooding with congratulatory messages, I’ve since failed to answer each & everyone that it’s a false rumor going around. When the right time comes me or Mwami will surely post it but as for now, am still very pregnant & working as usual Pakalast,” she posted on Facebook.