Trouble: Kenzo And Rema’s Love Affair Is On The Rocks!!!

Posted: 2017-09-25T06:42:08Z
Trouble: Kenzo And Rema’s Love Affair Is On The Rocks!!!

There seems to be worry in paradise. And to add sugar to this already juicy gossip, Rema may be a SINGLE LADY again at heart, and she has her fiancé to blame for the conflicts of her relationship.

A local tabloid from Vision Group based camp claims Kenzo and Rema are contemplating separating.

They say East Africa's first BET Award winner and his wife have hit a rough patch in their relationship. And word is that Kenzo is staying with a friend and other time sleeps in the studio around a Kampala suburb of Makindye.

An alternative source told Howwe.Biz, “Things aren’t good between them; it’s been that way for some time … Kenzo spends months on international tours and when he returns he goes to the studio ... then does multiple local gigs... leaving Rema alone in the bed. In fact, Rema reported the case to her ‘mother’ Halima Namakula of how Kenzo is sexually starving her and giving little time to family.”

On the brighter side of this situation, an insider is confident that the duo can get past their current strife. He explained to us, “Halima Namakula is doing a brilliant job behind the curtains and Kenzo TOTALLY LISTENS to her; I’d say there will be light at the end of this situation.”