A Pass Explains Why He Won’t Stop Wearing Sandals

Posted: 2017-08-04T08:36:18Z
A Pass Explains Why He Won’t Stop Wearing Sandals

For the second time, singer Apass appeared on a TV interview dressed in sandals. Early this year, he went to Urban TV studios wearing sandals.

Recently, while on Media tour in Kenya, he entered studios of Citizen TV wearing sandals.

This didn’t go well with a section of his fans. He has come out explain why he prefers sandals on his social media page. He posted;

“I choose not to do what many think I should do, I choose to be the boy who does things his way. Some people out there will buy a watch, a nice shoe, nice clothes, etc and go out hoping and praying that other people can look at them. I put on sandals because I love them with a passion, I will always be me at all times, I am Bagonza Alexander Aka A Pass. I am not a movie actor. Guys stop acting. One day, am going to wake up when it’s cool for you to go about your business in a different way. I am here to make it cool for someone to be himself and never apologize for it“, he stated.