New Information Emerge On Massa's Sex Scandal

Posted: 2017-07-24T10:20:39Z
New Information Emerge On Massa's Sex Scandal

Exclusive information from Bweyogerere Police station indicates that Massa’s wife has finally paid Josephine Maliza, the prostitute that was caught with her husband, Geoffrey Massa a few weeks ago. This was intended to save her husband’s image. Massa’s wife delivered the money to the prostitute at the police station.

 We have learned that Massa was forced to pay 100k before he could be allowed to leave the country.Massa’s wife has been publically defending his husband since the incident.

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Unconfirmed reports suggest that, Josephine is spreading rumours that she is carrying Massa’s child. We shall update you just in case of any confirmation. 

Last week, we reported how Josephine had vowed to drag Massa to police after failing to pay for her services.

On a fateful day, Josephine was shot in the buttocks as they tried to sped off after being caught having sex in Massa’s car at 3am.