Chagga Was Too Old To Manage Us — Goodlyfe Boys

Posted: 2017-06-15T08:56:12Z
Chagga Was Too Old To Manage Us — Goodlyfe Boys

In an interview with a local TV station, the Goodlyfe boys have finally said why they reduced his work. Radio was trying to clear the air about speculations that have been surrounding their former manager. Radio and Weasel hired Chagga after falling out with their former manager, Jeff Kiwanuka.

“Let’s put this clear. We have known Chagga for quite long time. He is like our father. He is the one who introduced me to Jose Chameleone. He is the master of all managers in this industry. We didn’t fire him. We just relieved him off some work because he is too old to handle certain things. However, he is still within our camp and we can’t make a decision without consulting him” Radio said

Chagga has been through thick and thin with the crew. He tried singing and failed. He left the country to UK for some time but things didn’t work out. When he finally settled in Uganda, the Goodlyfe crew decided to hire him since he was well experienced regarding the Uganda music industry.

Ever since Radio and Weasel parted ways with their former manager Jeff, they have never been the same.  They have been slowing fading with no hit to their name. They are always in court battling different cases. And the recent one, Radio is being accused of throwing the DJ’s laptop in swimming pool while in Muyenga at late Ivan’s vigil.