Beyonce Furious After Amber Rose Hints She Hooked Up With Jay Z

Posted: 2017-05-19T15:18:20Z
Beyonce Furious After Amber Rose Hints She Hooked Up With Jay Z

Poor Beyonce. The pregnant ‘Formation’ singer is supposed to be steering clear of any kind of stress now that she’s in her third trimester, but thanks to Amber Rose’s ‘Becky with the short hair’ tweet, that’s become impossible. And because of it, Beyonce’s ‘furious.’

“Everyone has been coming at Beyonce about [the tweet] and the timing is the worst. She’s in her last trimester with the twins and not supposed to be having any kind of stress. And now she’s got to deal with people whispering about [Jay Z] and Amber Rose. She’s trying to keep calm, but it’s upsetting. The last thing any wife wants is to picture their husband with another woman,” reports.

Previously, Amber took to Twitter on May 17 to reveal, “I am Becky With the Short Hair.” Clearly, she was referencing Beyonce’s famous song “Lemonade,” which insinuates Jay Z cheated on her with someone known as “Becky with the good hair.” Becky with the good hair has never truly been identified, but Amber tried claiming that title with her tweet on Wednesday evening. She later said she was hacked, but that could have also been a joke. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

“Beyonce hopes it was just a hack like Amber said, but she doesn’t necessarily buy that excuse. She thinks it was done for attention and that’s just shameful. Amber should know better, she’s a mother too, it’s just a horrible thing to do,” our source adds.

Poor Beyonce. Even if Amber as joking, it’s bad timing. The “Formation” singer doesn’t need this type of stress in her life while she’s carrying twins. Hopefully, she doesn’t go into early labour over this!

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