Dembe FM’s Biina Baby Claims Kasuku Will Always Be A Child

Posted: 2017-05-18T11:33:15Z
Dembe FM’s Biina Baby Claims Kasuku Will Always Be A Child

Dembe FM presenter Biina Baby and motor mouthed Kasuku are at war again.

Ever since Bina Baby came back to the station after one year leave, she has never come out to comment on rumours which were spread by her workmate, Kasuku that she had left the company for good.

Biina Baby was sent on a forced leave after working 10 years with no rest. She was advised to have one year leave off air. However, after 8 months, she went to the US where she received treatment on her body.

In a brief telephone interview with her yesterday, Biina Baby sounded so bothered by the false rumours that were spread by Kasuku. She claims that Kasuku acts like a child and he will never grow up. 

 “I also read the rumours on his Facebook wall that I had resigned.  He has a huge following on social media and most of his content is always true so I thought maybe he had obtained some information from my immediate supervisors that I had been sacked. I contacted Dembe FM management but was told a different story. When I asked for more information from reliable sources, I was informed that Kasuku had sent some mails to some editors that I had resigned. But, I have moved past that. I can’t fight with Kasuku. He acts like a child and he is not about to grow up” Biina Baby said.

On dating New Vision’s Kalungi Kabuye…

When she was asked about dating New Vision veteran Journalist, Kalungi Kabuye, Biina Baby confirmed to us that they dated for a long period of time but nothing intimate happened between the two. “Yes, I dated Kalungi Kabuye for a long time. 

Though, we never shared anything intimate. He was a gentleman who never rushed things. Apart from moving around together in public places, nothing serious happened. He is a very selective man and I respected him for that. I kept waiting for him to make our relationship more serious but unfortunately, we broke up” Biina Baby asserted.