I Am Eating Spice Diana Just For Just — Daxx Kartel

Posted: 2017-05-17T09:48:18Z
I Am Eating Spice Diana Just For Just — Daxx Kartel

Singer Daxx Kartel for the first time has set the record straight.

In an interview with Howwebiz, he clearly stated that Spice is a beautiful girl to be with. He admitted that he likes the singer for fun.

 “Spice Diana is very beautiful. We are friends. We dated but things didn’t go far. For now, we enjoy each other and she doesn’t mind the arrangement” Daxx said

Speaking about allegations that he had a thing for Irene Ntale, Daxx revealed to us that, he and Irene are history. They have a professional working relationship. 

“Asking me about Ntale is like asking me about some old friends that I had when I was still young. I left Ntale because I got a better woman, Spice Diana. Ntale is just too old for me. She is no longer my type” Daxx Kartel said.

In some media interviews, Daxx Kartel has always asserted that he had a short term relationship with Ntale. It is alleged that he played Ntale with other women and he got dumped.

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