This Is Why Flavia Tumusiime Is Not Yet Married

Posted: 2017-05-13T09:12:47Z Read: 20,226 times
This Is Why Flavia Tumusiime Is Not Yet Married

Sources close sexy Flavia Tumusiime have revealed to us what takes to date the Capital FM presenter who doubles as the News anchor at NTV.

Many men have claimed to have dated Flavia but no one has ever brought evidence on the table to prove the allegations. We have been reliably informed that one needs to have a fat bank account to date Flavia, however, her workmates don’t believe such an allegation.

They say Flavia is down to earth girl who lives a humble life. “Her status intimidates most men and that’s why they think money can lure her. She drives an old Rav 4 and she acquired that car long time ago, a sign that shows Flavia is not a materialistic woman. She just loves certain standards” a workmate said.

Flavia loves expensive things and she started earning while she was still young. She joined Capital Fm when she was in O’ level vacation. She never struggled to look for any job even after her campus.

Two years back, a city DJ confessed that he sold his car to maintain Flavia. In a reply to his allegations that appeared in a local tabloid, Flavia said that was disappointed by the DJ ‘S accusations. She said that they weren’t dating but they were heading that direction. He was still trying to impress her. She was also surprised that the DJ had to sell his car. According to her, she knew they were just being good friends having good times.