Singer Rema Namakula, The Fisher Of Men!

Posted: 2017-04-01T06:59:57Z
Singer Rema Namakula, The Fisher Of Men!

She is like a magnet when it comes to men. Today we have decided to bring to light the men she that have been close to Rema.


He shocked many when he claimed that Rema’s baby Rema was his. Walukaga claimed to have dated Rema for a very long time. He added that he even bought her the first laptop she ever possessed and their relationship was cemented by it. He further claimed that he had convinced Rema to join the Kadongo Kamu bandwagon. Rema had never come out to clear the air about what kind of relationship they had.

Engaged to Hajji

In 2012, when she was still at Kyambogo University, it is believed that Rema was engaged to some city hajji who used to finance her campus life. Hajji started injecting money into her music career and Rema, in the end, got linked to Gagamel.

Bebe cool

After landing in the hands of Bebe cool, Rema was forced to drop the Hajji. Bebe saw a cute young girl and decided to own her. Their closeness caused headache for Zuena. Rema started to be the next girl in Bebe’s life. Zuena didn’t take this lightly. She fought hard until Rema left.


Today, the main guy in the driving seat is Kenzo. He is the only one who managed to get Rema pregnant. It is believed that Rema loves him so much, the reason she changed her lifestyle to suit a wife material. We have seen many pictures on social media as Rema tries to act as a mother and wife.