Irene Namatovu Denies Reports Of Cheating On Geofrey Lutaya

Posted: 2017-03-20T12:23:05Z
Irene Namatovu Denies Reports Of Cheating On Geofrey Lutaya

Last week, social media was hit by sad news that singer Musician Irene Namatovu and hubby Geoffrey Lutaaya were on the verge of breaking up. This came after a certain man came out alleging that he has been having an affair with the singer’s wife for so many years.

The man who claims he hails from Tanzania but has been studying at Makerere University also claimed that Irene is the one who hooked him up. When they both met, she told the guy how her husband has been cheating on him for a very long time. She also decided to get someone who could be emotionally there for her.

He further more claimed that the two have been dating for close to 7 years and they have a child together. He says the last born of Irene is his. He maintained that his Tanzanian family loves Irene because she takes care of the guy’s mum.

However,Namatovu over the weekend revealed that she was surprised by the way news spread like wild fire on social media.

She said “I am that the news. I don’t know who crafted this fake story. I don’t know the man and I have never cheated on my husband. We live together and no one can separate us. These are just conmen trying to tarnish my name. Yes I have been in Tanzania for work but most times I travel with my husband” Irene confirmed.