Exposed: Pastor’s Wives That Have Been Accused Of Infidelity

Posted: 2017-03-12T09:35:50Z
Exposed: Pastor’s Wives That Have Been Accused Of Infidelity

Pastor’s wives have been in media for a long time for cheating allegations. Few years ago, a city pastor was cheated on by his wife with a chapatti man. Today, we unveil some wives of city pastors whose marriage have been broken because of cheating.

Julie Mutesasira

 Her marriage broke down recently and left the country.  The husband of the singer, Steven Mutesasira alleges that his wife has been cheating on him for a long period of time with city men until recently he found out. Julie changed when she started living a life of a celebrity. Her life style and dress code changed. She started loving money like nothing. In the end men started hitting on her and the marriage broke down. She is now living in the US with her brother.

Pastor Kiganda’s wife

Though Pastor Kiganda got another Zimbabwean wife, he lost his first wife to a chapatti seller. His wife couldn’t settle for less in bed and decided to cheat on him. When the pastor got to know, he felt embarrassed and the woman fled their marital home.

Jackie Senyonjo of Kasanga Miracle centre

Jackie is also a gospel artist and friends with Julie Mutesasira. Her marriage crumbled way back when her husband stopped her from attending night concerts and but refused. In the end, he started finding flirting messages in her phone from different men and that was the beginning of their marriage break down.

Pastor Edwin’s wife

Though they are on the verge of re- uniting, Pastor Edwin Musiime and wife broke up over cheating allegations. The pastor accused Isabella of cheating on him and the wife did the same. The marriage was full of counter accusations of infidelity.