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TV Presenters And News Anchors That Are Horrible To Watch

Posted: 2017-03-05T05:25:44Z Read: 7,256 times
TV Presenters And News Anchors That Are Horrible To Watch

Flavia Tumusiime

I know many will try to urge with me here. But Flavia Tumusiime is good for radio not TV. She is horrible to watch. Putting aside her smile, voice and body, Flavia irritates when reading news. The few people who watch her, only be undressing her in their minds. Only that!

Joel Senyonyi

We don’t know why NTV bosses can’t get rid of Joel Senyonyi. First of all, when on air he seems like a joker. He doesn’t seem so serious. Joel is fit to be a field reporter.

Urban TV Razaik

She was hired at Urban TV hired because she interviewed Rwandan President Paul Kagame. But that was long time ago. She forges accent all the time.

Samson Kasumba

When he starts to talk, you think he earns more than the MD of NBS TV. He has those phrases he uses whenever he is ending some programmes. They annoy and suck.

Luzze Anderson

He looks underage and lazy. We were told that Wavamunno was his relative the reason he never sucked him at WBS TV.  But Of course, it couldn’t survive with people like him.