Kalifah And Phina Risk Jail Over A Song!

Posted: 2017-02-27T15:50:10Z
Kalifah And Phina Risk Jail Over A Song!

Phina Mugerwa and Kalifah AgaNaga have a song known as 'Njagala Yiyo'. The same song could land them JAIL by the look of things.

According to information Howwe.Biz has managed to get, 'Njagala Yiyo' was originally done by Kalifah AgaNaga. The song was composed for Tiana, a model and self-proclaimed Ugandan socialite based in South Africa.

Apparently, Tiana bought the song at 5million, however, when Tiana flew back to SA, AgaNaga’s manager, Emma Carlos got faded singer Phina — and remixed the song without Tiana’s consent. As a result, Tiana has threatened legal action against the three while lebeling Phina as a ‘witch’ who always wants to ride on others hard work!  

Watch this space!