Julie Mutesasira Marriage Crumbled Over Money And Sex – Church Leaders

Posted: 2017-02-12T05:59:38Z
Julie Mutesasira Marriage Crumbled Over Money And Sex – Church Leaders

She recently separated with her husband, Pastor Steven Mutesasira. Gospel singer Julie Mutesasira has been accused by a section of church members for failing her marriage.  

One of the church goers who preferred anonymity said,

“Julie and her friends are to blame for everything. Julie loves money so much and will do anything for money. She had lost most of family property to money lenders and the pastor was tired of her weird behaviour”.

The source added,

 “When her Music stopped selling years back, the money stopped coming in and the husband cut off all the financial help towards her music. This frustrated her so much and she started enjoying the company of other town men”.

More so, Julie and Steven sex life changed and the pastor started suspecting his wife of cheating. She could deny him his conjugal rights and this was killing him softly. Steven started spending night’s outs. Julie got frustrated. She packed her bags and left her home and she is currently in the USA living with her brother as she waits on the divorce process to start.

Steven Reunites with First Wife

When the older children of the pastor from his first wife heard that their dad had filed for divorce, they saw it as heaven set opportunity. Vicent Mutesasira, 24, and Susan Mutesasira, 28, tried to reconcile the pastor and their mum.

Steven and his first wife separated many years back when he met the young and sexy Julie. Julie who was in S6 by then refused to continue with her studies after the pastor promised good life.

She was still studying at Wampeyo SS. Neighbours of Steven in Namugongo, have confirmed to us that, Steven’s first wife has been coming around and sometimes she is seen cleaning the house and compound.

One time, Julie blamed Steven’s older children for her marriage wrangles as they have never been on good terms.

Well, from Howwe.Biz, we pray their misunderstanding get sorted.

We will keep you posted