Tanga Odoi Claims Beef Sarah Opendi Evolves Around The Whopper

Posted: 2017-01-31T11:06:56Z
Tanga Odoi Claims Beef Sarah Opendi Evolves Around The Whopper

Howwe.Biz has got some EXPLOSIVE news for you guys – it's about Sarah Opendi and Tanga Odoi !!!

Well, State Health Minister Sarah Opendi’s fight with NRM electoral Commission Chairperson Dr. Tang Odoi has deepened with the minister questioning Dr. Tanga’s mental health.

Minister Sara Opendi accuses and claims Dr. Tanga Odoi is spreading rumors in Tororo district, of her bewitching the late district Chairperson Apollo Jaramogi who passed away early this month.

However, Odoi has responded to the allegations in a very shocking manner. He claims, Sarah is about his whopper. Odoi claims that the minister’s beef stems from unrequited love, when they were still young. “I refused to take Hon. Sarah Opendi as my girlfriend,”

According to alternative sources, Tanga Odoi is quoted to have said this story,

When he was in his Vacation while teaching at the school near Tororo Girls, Sarah Opendi was a student and because of bad manners she was suspended. Sarah always admired the young and vibrant teacher Tanga Odoi though Odoi never allowed it to happen, dating a student.

So, when Tanga Odoi went on .... at Campus at Makerere, Sarah Opendi was then in S.6 kept pushing for the relationship with Odoi but he refused to accept her leg offer.

Here is the Video, the two explaining their issue.