Leila Kayondo In A Self-Imposed 'Exile' Over SK Mbuga

Posted: 2016-12-07T09:08:54Z
Leila Kayondo In A Self-Imposed 'Exile' Over SK Mbuga

Last week, former lover  to musician Leila Kayondo, SK Mbuga, showed the whole world that he no longer has any business with the musician after he wedded his long time other woman Birungi in a lavish wedding.

Leila Kayondo who has always claimed that Mbuga loves her and that there is no woman he loves couldn’t take in the heartbreak well. A source close to Leila revealed to us that, Leila was hit hard by that wedding. She has lost weight because of thoughts.

Yesterday, a close friend told us that Leila Kayondo is finalizing plans to keep in US as she cools off her stress and look for a job.

We really pray for Leila Kayondo to go and get the proper help from a councellor. Otherwise, we shall keep you updated.

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