Shock Report: Gitawo Claims SK Mbuga’s Kid With Vivian Is His

Posted: 2016-12-01T07:49:36Z
Shock Report: Gitawo Claims SK Mbuga’s Kid With Vivian Is His

Earlier this year, Howwe.Biz broke the news that SK Mbuga had a baby with his girlfriend, (now wife) Vivian Birungi turned. The couple welcomed a baby girl into the world just a few months ago.

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Well, we are receiving shocking info reaching our gossip desk is that South Africa based Sangoma Chris Cameroon Gitawo has come out to claim paternity of Vivienne’s three months baby.

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We spoke to a girl who USED TO BE FRIENDS with Vivian – and she had some very STARTLING allegations with respect to SK Mbuga’s baby.

Vivian and Gitawo in South Africa

The snitch told us, “I’m sorry to say it but Vivian cheated on SK Mbuga with Gitawo. What am not sure about is if he impregnated her.” The insider continued, “With our Ugandan women, everything is possible – Maybe Gitawo is very sure that baby is his”

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It should be noted that early this year, Gitawo was reported to have spent a quality time filled weekend with Vivienne in South Africa. And Gitawo came out to claim he banged Vivian.

Gitawo and Vivian having some quality time

That a side, we have learned from other tabloids that Gitawo has lodged a child custody battle as he intends to conduct a DNA test when he jets in town for the festive season.

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We will keep you updated.

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