MC Kats & Fille Drama: More Shocking Details Emerge!

Posted: 2016-11-02T08:45:27Z
MC Kats & Fille Drama: More Shocking Details Emerge!

We long suspected that MC Kats and Fille’s relationship was more for business dealings and public appearance . . . than for love …even before they had a nasty fight last month.

Now a very close friend of Fille is adding fuel to that fire. Howwe.Biz spoke with her and this is what she told us.

“Kats and Fille separated five months ago. Fille took their baby to her mother’s place and run to Buziga where she was having special nights with her rich male friends. Tracy Bora, the friend is the one who connected her to rich Kampala men who have been using her for this while before Kats got extremely out of patience to restore sanity and was beaten.” source said.

Our snoop asked if the source knew names of the men bonked Fille….but she couldn’t properly answer.

Meanwhile, alternative sources claim Fille had been sleeping with a man only identified as Anda who lives in Buziga. Apparently, Anda is a city pussy-hunter who chews women like pop corns.

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