Insider Tells Us The Truth Behind MC Kats Beating . . . . It’s A Full Package!

Posted: 2016-10-19T11:57:26Z
Insider Tells Us The Truth Behind MC Kats Beating . . . . It’s A Full Package!

Since last week, social media especially facebook went explosive after pictures of wounded Mc Kats went viral.

Many stories have been contemplated on what was the true cause of the fight between these two loved ones that are responsible for a two-year-old baby Abby.

Well, here is the true story of the situation. 

It all began on Wednesday 12th at industrial area based club Play where Fille was set to premiere her latest video "What did you do" that features Nutty Neithan. 

Fille came in earlier than husband Mc Kats at around midnight in a company of three Nkuba Kyeyo guys that looked loaded.

When the midget Mc popped in later on the night  and found the situation not conducive he found his way to the deejay's booth grabbed the microphone and started throwing insults at the Nkuba  Kyeyo guys saying all sort of names.

"For us, we never live our country this is how we hustle to make life" lamented Kats.

So later on in the wee hours of the nights Fille ignored the husband and left off with loaded guys. This was like throwing a match stick on dry grass and the following day he decided to find about her whereabouts and this time round Kats wanted his car back and this is when he founded the Nkuba Kyeyo guys that could not let him touch Fille in their presence . That's how he got himself pounded like G.nuts....there was nothing like Fille beating him, she actually looked on as the poor boy was being punished like a school boy late for classes.

Kats is still nursing wounds and has begged Fille to come back home but she has ignored him though he still struggling to make the show happen.

We shall keep you updated.

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